Monday, 19 December 2016

There goes the painting schedule...

Greetings all.

Well firstly, some fantastic news: the wife and I are expecting our first baby! It's early days yet (what you might call "WIP"), but we're looking at a summer baby. Both mum and baby are healthy, so I'm happy! I'm sure I'll share some pictures of my greatest miniature as it develops... But that's enough of being grown up for today, back to toy soldiers!

I reckon I can squeeze in one or two more posts before the end of the year, and as I sit here watching the new series of Time Commanders (seriously, watch it!), it seems like the right time to crank out a little post.

I've managed to get a fair bit of painting done recently, just trying to round off the year, and clear my current backlog a little. First up, I painted a pair of old school plastic beastmen:

These two are basically "understudies", fulfilling a variety of roles. Mostly fighting in the frozen city, they'll be serving as rangifers, foulhorns, or possibly even gnolls, depending on where they're needed. Despite being a pretty simple sculpt, they were a pleasure to paint, and actually turned out rather nicely.

Another beastie painted up for Frostgrave was this rather lovely Minotaur:

Pretty simple to paint up, nothing too fancy going on. I kind of like his whole expression and demeanour though. He looks like he's been given a simple job to do ("stand here and guard this chest"), and that's now the most important thing in his world.

Next up, and also for Frostgrave, are another bunch of vile daemons (or demons, if you prefer):

These two rotten bastards will serve as an imp and a minor demon. Yet another Chaos familiar added to my collection, along with a harpy/fury.

Lastly, but by no means leastly, a major demon. Well, sort of...

I was planning to use this old Citadel Chaos demon as a major demon for Frostgrave, but even mounted on a big scenic base, he just didn't seem imposing enough. Part of this is due to the pose (he is sitting down after all), but I just wasn't happy when I compared him to my other major demon (classic Keeper of Secrets). I decided to paint him up anyway, because he's a fantastic model, and incredibly sinister looking. He'll probably still find his way onto the battlefield, either as a wandering monster, or possibly something scenario specific. Not sure yet, but he certainly is cool, and that's what matters right?

That's all from me for now, but I've still got a few more bits on the go that I want to get finished before the end of the year. In the meantime, comments are very welcome!


  1. Ross - those are all fantastic. I especially like that minotaur. He wears such a great expression.
    I think I've asked you this before, but how do you achieve that lovely snow effect on your bases?

    1. Cheers chap! Yeh he looks completely dim-witted, but really determined at the same time! If I could be bothered to take on another project, I'd love to collect some more of those minos.

      The snow basing is actually really easy. I just paint up the base as normal, then mix some woodland scenics snow into a paste with pva and water (quite thick and lumpy), then apply and shape it a little with a stiff brush. As it dries, I sprinkle a little snow (not mixed) over the top. Job done! Glad you like it :)

  2. Congratulations on your WIP sculpt; happy and healthy is a Good Thing!

    Nice painting on the toys too. I've always liked the mino and squatting demon figures and you've done a fine job on them.

    1. Thanks man! Yeh at this point, happy and healthy is all I'm interested in.

      It's a shame the squatting demon didn't quite fit what I had planned for him, but I like him all the same. Actually forgot to mention that I sculpted a bit of greasy hair on him too!

  3. Great stuff mate, happy Christmas!

  4. Nice job Brother - that's some very spiffy additions there :-)

    1. Thanks brother! Expect to see them on the table soon ;)