Saturday, 3 December 2016

Caught somewhere in time

Greetings all.

Got a little something special for you today. This model isn't part of any of my current projects, but as soon as I saw him up for sale on Facebook, I knew I had to have him! From what I understand, he was due to be part of the Pantheon of Chaos project, but the scale was a little off compared to the rest of the range. Because he is just so damn cool, Diego decided to offer him up for sale anyway. Without further ado, I present to you the Time Traveller:

Quite clearly he is a (pretty faithful) rendition of Eddie from the cover of Somewhere in Time. Being a big fan of Maiden, I knew I had to have him. I stuck pretty closely to the colours on the album cover, and I'm pretty happy with how he turned out!

I always try to find a gaming purpose for my models, but I'm not sure where Eddie will pop up just yet. Between 40k, Rogue Trader, and the upcoming Rogue Stars, I'm pretty spoilt for choice though!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks man :) Yours was an inspiration to get some paint on this fella!

  2. Very good paint job on an excellent mini. Somewhere in time is my favourite maiden album. Gonna have to listen to it right now!

    1. Cheers dude! Yeh I'm really happy with how he turned out, even if it did mean having Caught Somewhere in Time stuck in my head for a while ;)

  3. Awesome mate - I demand that you include him in a game soon!