Sunday, 27 November 2016

Do not call up that which you cannot put down: Frostgrave demons

Greetings all.

Got a little something special for you tonight, more in line with my usual painting preferences too: Daemons!

As a bit of background, my Frostgrave summoner recently picked up the spell "Summon Demon", allowing him to call up some infernal assistants of various sizes. Now of course I could just use something I already have painted, but that was never really going to happen... as a result, I've painted up a trio of monstrosities to help Scabrous Vile in his quest for gold and glory.

First up, a lowly imp:

This little beauty is an old Chaos familiar, painted up to match the rest of my warband.

Next up, a minor demon:

Another old GW daemon, this time a daemonette.

Lastly, the (un)holy grail of summoning, the major demon:

Another lovely old Slaanesh daemon, this time a Keeper of Secrets.

Upon further reading of the spell description, it turns out that the apprentice can also attempt to cast this spell, giving me access to another diabolical helper. This of course means that I have to paint up another trio of demons for apprentice Drear to call up... saving those for another time though!

Hope you like them, comments welcome as always!


  1. They're lovely Ross! The skin on all three have come out so well. Neat job on the familiar too mate; not an easy one to paint well due to her tiny size and all. Some real minute detail to overcome on that one.

    1. Cheers Ed, glad you like em! Painting purple pubes isn't really something you do everyday...

  2. I like the colour scheme. Purple pubes are pretty fashionable in daemons circles I'm told.

    1. Haha cheers dude! Definitely more of a daemon triangle mind you ;)

  3. Very nice mate, though the boob-to-model ratio makes me suspect heresy...

    1. Cheers brother! I completely agree with you there, although I also think the skeletal cow head to human body ratio is a little suspect too...