Wednesday, 10 August 2016

No guts, no glory: Zombies and Plague Elemental

Greetings all.


Just a quick one from me this time (although that's two in a week - pretty good by my usual standards!). I actually finished the models you're about to see sometime last week, but with all the BOYL excitement I didn't actually get chance to take pictures of them. They painted up nice and quickly too, which was a bit of a result as I've been wanting to get them off my table for a while.


First up, two "speed painted" (still not that quick!) zombies, mostly to be used in Frostgrave:

These two are both made from the old(ish) GW plastics, the staple of many an undead army, as well as conversion fodder over the years. Not at all my best work, but they're only zombie grunts so I wanted to get them done as quickly as possible. I used Tamiya Clear Red, mixed with a little black ink, to pick out the gory bits.


The other model I managed to finish at the tail end of last week was a repaint of my Plague Elemental. I actually painted this exact model some time ago, just to get back into the swing of things painting-wise. He looked ok but I was never fully happy with him, so when it came to painting my way through the Elementals, I decided to strip and redo him. Here he is before the repaint:

And now after:

Definitely much happier with him this time round. I also based him up Frostgrave style, either for use as a major demon, or possibly the Alchemical Abomination in the Dark Alchemy campaign (probably he'll end up as both, and more).


I'm nearing completion of my Elementals mini project now, with just Life left to do. She's a little bit daunting though, and definitely the most detailed of the lot. Once I build up the courage to get cracking I'm sure it'll go better than expected (and I'll do a long overdue group shot of all of them together).


Comments are of course welcome.

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