Sunday, 21 February 2016

We captured it for Chaos: The whole rotten lot!

Greetings all.

Once again I've done that thing where I don't post for ages... I'm planning to get out of that bad habit, even if it means posting a lot more WIP stuff (which might go down well actually, we shall see).

Today I have a few completed bits to show you. I've finally finished off the cultists that I started over a year ago...

The final member of the Brotherhood of Forlorn Hope is their leader, "Flaky" Sal:

He's built from an old school Jes Goodwin Nurgle champion, with a small amount of conversion work. Firstly I needed him to carry an autopistol, so off came the sword to be replaced with a pistol from the excellent plastic cultist kit.

I also wanted him to be a bit less Nurgle, so removed the mark of Nurgle from his forehead, and did a little green stuff work to make him seem less decayed, but still degenerate.

Here he is leading the cult to glory in the eyes of the true gods:

Painting all these guys was a real grind tbh, but I'm really pleased with how they turned out, both in terms of conversion work, and painting. They'll mostly be used in 40k, but I suspect they'll find their way into a few games of Rogue Trader as generic mutants (or possibly with a backstory of their own actually).

As a reminder, I was originally inspired by this image of Chaos Cultists:

Definitely what they should be like in my opinion. 

Comments are most welcome!


  1. Wonderful selection of classic models. I like the way you have picked from different ranges but made a coherent group.

    1. Cheers :) I actually spent a lot of time thinking about the models I wanted to use. I wanted a group that would look degenerate and disparate, but also tie together during the painting process. Think it turned out well in the end!

  2. Some lovely little conversions there, they look great. That illustration is a classic, I'd love to recreate it with my own miniatures... One day maybe.. But it's certainly inspiring

    1. Much appreciated man :) It's just one of many old chaos artwork that really captures the vibe for me. Not sure who the artist is, but they've definitely nailed it

  3. They look the business mate, brilliant choice of minis & nice job bringing them together at the painting stage!

    1. Thanks brah! Need to get them on the table soon methinks!