Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Long overdue post: A Rogue Trader skirmish!

Greetings all.

I had intended to post this aaaages ago, but real life has a habit of getting in the way, and that's just what happened! 

About a month ago, my good buddy Alex (go to his blog, do it now!) and I had a little RT skirmish. We pitched his salvage crew against my beastmen, and let battle commence. We went with a simple premise: Alex's lads were attempting to retrieve some technical data from a panel in the centre of the board, while my beastmen were attempting to prevent them doing so by sabotaging the panel. Sounds straightforward enough. However, to make things a little more interesting, the panel was in the middle of an inhabited area, populated with civilians that would get in the way of the action. Oh yeh and there was a certain clockwork guardian protecting the panel: the fabled Tick-Tock man!

Since its been so long, I can't really remember the details of the battle... So I'm afraid you'll have to make do with as many pictures as I can muster...

The stage is set
Beastmen advance cagily
Salvage agents do the same
The mysterious Tick-Tock Man stands inert
Salvage agents continue their careful advance

Seems like a good time to spread the Imperial Truth

The water seller goes about his business, apparently unaware of the carnage about to unfold around him...

Beastmen advance behind their human shields, the archaeologist and his short companion

The priests decide that Raqquill and Knossos would benefit from a dose of the Imperial Truth

Moments later, fearless battlefield reporter Rhonda Burgundy stops Knossos for comment. Raqquill is feeling a little camera shy and does a runner...

Meanwhile, the salvage crew take cover in the relative safety of some obviously explosive barrels.

Beastmen aren't a patient sort... Gug makes a break for the control panel, awakening the Tick-Tock Man. Whoops. This immediately results in a nasty case of flamer to the face.

The cameraman catches a stray bullet from a salvage agent across the board...

An angry mob assemble to deliver some vigilante justice to the shooter.

After trading shots, the beastmen and salvage crew decide to settle things with fisticuffs. An inebriated citizen also wanders into the melee, swinging wildly at anyone who gets in the way.

Knossos takes a dirtnap.

A displacer field transports a salvage agent out of the melee, and into the domain of the Tick-Tock Man...

...who doesn't like unwanted visitors.

Quality Imperial tech saves the day once more...

...but the Tick-Tock Man is relentless.

Cue epic boss battle.

The Imperial agent is teleported to safety, and treats Raqquill to a glowing ball of plasma.

After multiple turns of achieving nothing more than quite a loud noise, Moloch unleashes a torrent of heavy bolter shells into the Tick-Tock Man.

The Tick-Tock Man finally falls to plasma fire from the remaining salvage agents.

Gaxt seizes the opportunity to sabotage the console, before being riddled with bullets by the remaining crew.

Hope you enjoyed it fellas! I suppose you could call it a victory for the beastie boys, but it came at quite the cost...


  1. Your table looks just great -- it really conjures up that old Rogue Trader feel: desolate, run-down, failing industry. It's like the town I grew up in.
    Your stone buildings are especially appealing. But my favourite piece is that well. It's gorgeous.
    And of course, your miniatures look fab.

    1. I'd love to take the credit for it, but all the terrain is Alex's handiwork! A rather nice set up though hey?

  2. Your beastmen are exceptional Sir, however we must get a magus on the table and have some of your lovely daemons summoned!
    The terrain look good, you friend has done a great job and reminds me of the bleakness of the Eisenhorn novels.

    1. Thanks man :) actually it's funny that you should say that: I've been bitten by the Frostgrave bug recently, and it seemed only right to put together a summoner and his warband, so you should be seeing them on the table shortly! I haven't got a great deal of room to play in my current place, but a small Frostgrave board would work perfectly, and give me a chance to use (and build) my own terrain