Sunday, 20 December 2015

Raining Blood! More Khorne daemons

Greetings all.

For some time now I've been somewhat half-heartedly putting together a Khorne Daemonkin army for 40k. Not really sure why my heart hasn't been in it the whole time, but there you go. I'll go through stages of being really excited about it and cracking on with a unit or two, and then back into a slump... I think maybe I just need to get them on the tabletop and enjoy playing with them. On balance, they probably don't have the raw power of daemons, but they look like a fun army to play, and they do have some real gems in the codex.

Anyway, enough waffle. I painted some more Khorne daemons that will become part of my KDK army. Two more flesh hounds (I need about a bajillion), and a bloodletter musician converted from a first edition model, and a current plastic bit.

Hope you like them! Say some nice words and whatnot... Perhaps it'll encourage me to paint more of them...


  1. Can't believe someone out there owns so many Oldhammer Flesh Hounds. That deserves some major back slapping for a start. They're lovely, Ross. Paint some more.

    1. Thanks for the kind words man :) the worrying thing is that I actually have even more than this... Got about 30 in total I think! I've got plans for up to eight units of them though (only five apiece), so I'll be differentiating them by using other generations of them, as well as varying the colours a bit.