Thursday, 17 December 2015

Gaming again!

Greetings all.

Just a super quick post from me, mainly to stay in the habit of posting more regularly. 

At the start of the year I had the best of intentions to play a whole bunch of games. That hasn't exactly happened, though I am pleased to report that I'm finally getting back to gaming again. I've returned to my old club (in its new venue), and this week I got a game of 40k in!

I had meant to take a bunch of pictures, but we were both trying to brush up on the rules still, and my opponent had just started a new army so didn't have much painted (although what was painted looked pretty cool). 

We played 1000 points in a simple maelstrom mission, which was a blast really. In the end I managed a 14-10 win, but the game was back and forth the whole time and always felt very close. The deciding moment came when my flesh hounds and herald (warlord) wiped out the opposing warlord and his retinue: 
At this point the Harlequin warlord is a red smear, while Hatebreed the herald of Khorne grins gleefully...

Great game, and good to be back too. We've got another one planned for Monday, so I'll try and get a few more pics and maybe write up a short report.

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