Thursday, 10 September 2015

Red planet blues: Tech Priest

Greetings all.

Progress continues on my inquisitor's band of deviants. Most recently I've managed to finish the renegade Tech Priest, Gogol:

Gogol is something of a radical amongst the Martian priesthood, in the sense that he is experimental and progressive in his methods. This is something of an anomaly on Mars, so Gogol found himself quickly inducted into the ranks of the Runic Priests, an order that prizes free-thinking and intuition. Unsurprisingly, such an individual is of great use to a radical inquisitor, and so Gogol found himself requisitioned to Emeric's service.

The model itself is a lovely Bob Olley tech priest, again following the same palette as the rest of the warband, though with a greater proportion of red to signify his Martian allegiance.

Here are the gang so far:

Comments welcome!


  1. Great work brother! Funny coincidence that we're both working on a similar warband :D

    1. Cheers brother! I've been watching yours with interest!

  2. Great work on a truly classic mini.
    Top marks.

    1. Thanks man! Definitely my favourite tech priest ever.