Saturday, 12 September 2015

Police brutality: Adeptus Arbite Enforcer

Greetings all.

Another henchman joins Emeric's warband today, this time an Enforcer:

Enforcer Assante is one of several such individuals under Emeric's command, charged with administering the Emperor's justice to those who defy him. His devotion to duty is such that any order will be carried out, no matter its savagery. As Emeric makes use of extreme measures as a matter of course, Assante's skills are of particular use.

This model is another RT era classic, sculpted (I believe) by Jes Goodwin. I'm quite fond of the early Arbites, so might pick up a few more to accompany him. As with the rest of the warband, I used the same palette to maintain coherency.

Comments are welcome!


  1. Replies
    1. Awesome, thanks! I literally can't think of a sculpt of his that falls short of brilliant.

  2. Very tasty paintjob, I like the idea of an Arbite who blindly follows any order, such is his faith in the divinity of his master's station as an Inquisitor.
    I see you are chewing through your massive undercoating of a little bit of everything; there are some great sculpts depicting some powerful character types in there, this group of henchmen could well one day rival Gideon Ravenor's crew!

    1. Cheers dude, glad you like him :) In case you're interested, he's named after the actor that played Rico Dredd in the movie.

      I'm powering through the warband pretty quickly, but there are so many characters and personalities I want to add to the group! And of course, Ravenor and Eisenhorn have been great inspiration for this bunch!