Sunday, 13 September 2015

Message in a bottle: Astropath

Greetings all.

Speedy progress continues on Emeric's retinue! The merry band are now joined by a more conventional Imperial agent, the Astropath Ericsson:

Despite being a powerful psyker and mutant, Ericsson is one of the more "normal" members of Emeric's entourage. Astropaths are essential for any servant of the Imperium travelling far beyond its borders, and it is no different for Emeric. The Inquisitor values the elderly sage's wisdom, almost as much as he values his powerful psychic talents.

Another unmodified RT era beauty, painted in the limited palette of the rest of the warband. This time I emphasised the green, to reflect the "uniform" worn by Astropaths.

Comments welcome of course!


  1. Brother you're on fire! :) I've gotta ask. I've bought the original Necromunda books and I'm working on my 40k terrain that will also be used for INQ28 and 'munda. Problem is though that I'd like some of the oop gangs but eBay is trying to literally have me pay both an arm, leg and probably a kidney too. So long story short. Do you have any mate and what's on your tradelist/price if you do have any?

    1. Cheers brother! I'm not sure I'm quite at your level of progress yet, but I'm getting there ;)

      I'll hit you up on Facebook about some trading dude.