Sunday, 19 April 2015

Dirty deeds done dirt cheap: Chaos assassin!

Greetings all.

So I've continued to procrastinate and put off painting the last of my Daemonettes (although I have made some progress on them...). I painted some BB chaps last week, and this week I've done something different once again: A chaos assassin! With "Come the Apocalypse" allies being much more forgiving these days, I can quite easily slip an Imperial Assassin into my list. Of course I couldn't just paint up any old assassin, so I went for this guy as my "counts as" Vindicare:

He's another old school Jes Goodwin champion, and just oozes character like the others. The model is completely unconverted, and just fits the bill perfectly. 

Comments are welcome.


  1. He is one of my favourite old models. He's in my paint queue, and I'm mostly just trying to decide if he's going to be a Radical Inquisitor, or a Hrud...

    1. Yeh I was contemplating using him as a radical inquisitor, but then I'd have to paint him a whole warband too ;)

    2. Well, with mine I'm probably going to start with him being supported by some Servitors I have about, as they can't be revolted by his Radicalism! I'll have to have a think about who else in the queue could join him...

    3. Servitors are definitely a good idea, and pure grimdark goodness at that. I've also got the rather excellent beastman with autogun (Gaxt) queued for painting at some point. I think those two would look rather cool hanging out together...