Wednesday, 27 August 2014

The Last Stand at Eidolan: Just as planned...

Greetings all.

After much planning and mounting excitement, the last stand at Eidolan took place this weekend! After the swirling vortex of the Warpstorm cleared, the nexus remained in the hands of the Imperium...

I'll send you on over to Alex's blog for the full rundown of events, but I shall leave you with a huge picture dump depicting some key moments. A great battle was had, many skulls were taken and many more daemonic footsoldiers sent screaming back to the Warp. We'll see how the story progresses (all according to Tzeentch's plan of course).

Enough talk, picture time:
The scene is set
Daemons are banished back to the warp by the score!
Another wave
The men of Praetoria face down the daemonic horde
A daemonic herald appears behind the defenders' lines!
Ready to mount a fresh assault
The minions of Slaanesh and Nurgle make it to the battlements
Cavorting Horrors blast the defenders with warp fire
Another wave approaches
A much larger force is spewed from the Warp
The might of Slaanesh and Tzeentch face down the men of Praetoria
The Scions move to reinforce the defenders' position...
...and this is why!
Darkness falls across the land as The Stormbringers are joined by their master for the final wave
Hope you like the pictures guys. Be sure to check out Alex's blog for a more complete write up!

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  1. Love it mate! Great pictures dude, and what a game, can't wait to see what horrors you have in mind for the return leg!