Saturday, 19 April 2014

Progress report: Tzeentch Horrors

Greetings all.

Time for a quick progress report from me. I have made *some* progress recently, but not a great deal...

I've now got my two units of Pink Horrors assembled and undercoated. To distinguish the units from each other, they're each from a different generation. First up there are the first edition Horrors, which are my personal favourites by a LONG way. A complete nightmare to assemble though, and I'm glad I'm not playing Fantasy as I can't imagine the hell of trying to rank these guys up.

They're a mix of pink and blue Horror models, but they'll all be painted the same. I just fancied a bit of variety in the unit.

Next up are the second edition models (and my second favourites):

Again I've gone for a mix of pink and blue to give the unit some variety.

All that remains to be assembled now are eight more original daemonettes, and then I begin my painting frenzy...

I'm trying these guys out in an 1850 battle today, so might take a few snaps of that if the battle is going in my favour ;)

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