Tuesday, 15 April 2014

On my desk this week... (w/c 14/04/14)

Greetings all.

Another quick post from me, and a terrible picture to accompany it:

This magnificent pile of lead is currently covering my desk. That's enough Horrors (a selection of Pink and Blue) for two squads of 11, covering my scoring in my current 1500pts list. As is my preference when it comes to my daemons, I've differentiated between the squads by using different generations of models. Seen here are the first generation of Horrors from the Realm of Chaos days, plus another squad of the second edition variety.

You can just about see one of the original Daemonettes on the far left. I'm also putting together 10 or so of these to jump out of the portalglyph.

I'll get some closer pics of these once they're all assembled and ready to roll. That's all for now!

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  1. Some great minis there, can't wait to see some paint on those :)