Monday, 17 March 2014

Objective morality: Daemon objective markers showcase

Greetings all,

Welcome to one of the last posts in my showcase (sad faces all round). Today I present to you my chaos objective markers. I've built quite a few of these over the years from various bits and bobs.

The first of these were built for my old World Eaters army (more on that in another post). I've since sold the army off (bit of a regret actually, but it did help fund a daemonic expansion), but I've held on to the objective markers.

And a close up of the Praetorian Guardsman marker that I'm rather pleased with:

No skull left unclaimed!

Next up are a bunch of objective markers that I made for The Stormbringers:

A delicious bowl of blood

Creepy statue

Daemonic idol

Well, you can see what this is...

Chaos toilet! I love this model so much.

This one doubled in my World Eaters army. A statue of the Primarch Angron in his ascended form.

When 6th ed was released, GW came out with the rather cool munitorum objectives and I picked some up. They're incredibly useful in game as they come with special dice to denote the nature or value of the objective. I couldn't just leave them untouched however, so I cleaned them up, based and painted them:

That's all for now. Comments welcome as ever ;)

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