Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Enter the Stormbringers

Greetings all,

Before I begin to showcase my painted lead, just a brief bit of background on the army. Since they first came out in 40k, I've loved chaos daemons. Even when the first codex was released and they were a bit on the sucky side (around 5th edition for those who remember), I was a fan. I cobbled together some of my old school daemons from my early days of collecting and The Stormbringers were born! As it happens, the name I gave the army (names for me really make the models come alive) turned out to be quite prophetic. More on that later though.

A couple of years later, somewhat out of the blue, the WD updated rules for Flamers and Screamers were released. Suddenly, daemons were top of the pile!

I never really jumped on the bandwagon of 27 flamers and 27 screamers, but with 10 of each I was pretty much smashing face down the club. That's not to say they were undefeated, but they were a little *too* good...

Not too long after 6th edition was released, my daemons were blessed with a new codex. One of the more controversial aspects of the new codex was the Warpstorm table. Now I'd named my army "The Stormbringers" more than two years previously, but it seems it was meant to be! I've been playing around with the army to come up with something I'm happy with. I'll talk about that quite a bit more in the not too distant future though.

The most important aspect of the 40k hobby for me has always been the models. I love gaming and I love painting, but I'm a collector at heart. It's probably why I've managed to amass such a huge leadpile...

Since I started collecting (many years ago now...), I've had something of an obsession with old school chaos. When I was first introduced to GW and 40k, it wasn't considered old school mind you... When it came to collecting The Stormbringers I already had a fairly substantial leadpile of (now) classic daemons. It was a pretty simple (if daunting) task of cleaning them up and cracking on with some painting. Since then, the army has gone through a fair few EVILutions to get to where it is today. The theme has always been, and will always be, old school chaos (mostly 1st edition/Realms of Chaos era).

That's a bit of background for you, I hope you found it illuminating. Now back to the models!

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