Sunday, 30 March 2014

Army list thoughts: 1500pts

Greetings all.

No models in this post I'm afraid (painted or otherwise)... But I did promise my good friend Tommy that I'd write up some army lists and thoughts, so here I go.

The club I normally play at tends to play 1500pts more than anything else. There is the occasional 1850 or 2k game, but 1500 seems to be the standard. Recently I've been going up against some really good opponents so I've been trying to refine my list more and more into something that I feel has the potential to handle anything out there. Not to say I'm looking to win every game I play, but it is nice to feel like you have the tools to defeat anything you might face.

This is the list I'm currently working towards:

This guy is just too useful not to include. The reroll and the warlord trait alone make him worthwhile.
Slaanesh Daemon Prince (wings, armour, 2 x greater reward, ML3)
This guy is there for the AA and AT power that the Lash can bring. Sometimes he'll be swapped for a Nurgle prince with a Balesword. Not sure which I prefer right now.

10 Daemonettes
11 Horrors
11 Horrors

Fast Attack
9 Screamers
These used to be a big 15-strong squad of Flesh Hounds. I find that the Flesh Hounds are incredible against most bad guys, but completely impotent against others. Screamers are not quite as killy, but still have great survivability and speed. They can also threaten a great variety of enemies, and their slashing attack can be really useful in getting First Blood. Not sure which I prefer here yet either...

Heavy Support
Tzeentch Daemon Prince  (wings, armour, greater reward, exalted reward, ML3)
This guy is fantastic. He flies around buffing with the grimoire and blasting things with flickering fire.

I've got quite a few other lists that I'm playing around with in my head, but this is what I'm leaning towards at the moment. I might swap the Screamers out for Flesh Hounds again, but I need to playtest much more first.

Comments are most welcome!

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  1. Haha, I was waiting for this one ;)

    We also play 1500 mostly here, local, regional and national.

    Your HQs I've never tried actually, but then I don't run the grimoire I run portal. That way I can run minimum troops (only daemonettes) then portal horrors. Ton of flickering fire due to all the small squads but be vary of losing first blood so use it backfield.

    As the screamers go they need two tzeralds on discs otherwise they''re a bit meh. Run lev 2 on both of mine with the loci that enhances str on ranged attacks. Then it's flickering fire/bolt/infernal gate I aim for.

    I also run tzeentch DP. Best unit in my army. Run lev 2 so I can tailor psychic powers after which opponent but also to get more ranged (flickering).

    I would love to test KoS and slaanesh DPs. Invincibility sounds fun :)